Відділ освіти, молоді та спорту Яготинської районної державної адміністрації
Яготинської районної державної адміністрації

We are starting!

Our summer English Camp “Cute English Kids” in Yahotyn school 3 starts on May 28, 2019. This year we are working using Go Camp curriculum “Animal Planet”. It is the Opening Day today. Our campers form small teams. They decide on a team name, select   an animal, also team song, slogan and create a team banner depicting their team animal. Our campers do an activity to learn what animals “say” in English.

They can compare what animals say in English to what they say in Ukrainian. Groups “Little Ducks”, “Butterflies”, “Happy Frogs”, “Puppies”, “Pussy Cats”, “Kind Lions” and “Crazy Bees” prepare a skit about their   team animal learning to “speak” English.

Yahotyn SEC №3


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